April 22, 2018

A Voyage on Eurostar Odyssey

by Caz in News
On a recent journey on the Eurostar from Belgium to the UK, I was able to try out the new virtual reality experience ‘Eurostar Odyssey.
It’s the worlds first on-board VR, which allows passengers to explore the depths of the sea as the train passes through the English Channel.
The experience is free, although it requires a smartphone or tablet to access the trains onboard entertainment system. All you have to do is log on to Eurostar’s onboard entertainment system via your Apple or Android device, where it can be streamed with no need to download any additional software.
After a short registration process, the virtual train transforms into a glass carriage, and the journey along the ocean floor begins, guided by two ocean explorers, Rose and Benoit.
As the train travels along under the channel, you can virtually explore the hidden depths of the sea bed that’s just outside the window.
By moving your device around, you can explore your surroundings and learn more about sea creatures, sunken treasures and mysterious sea-scapes.
There is an element of story telling and gaming, as you are prompted to ‘collect’ various sea creatures by pointing your device at them. Once you have locked on to a sea creature, a text box appears with information about it to help travellers learn about new species. There are also stories about pirates, mermaids and an giant octopus.
‘Eurostar Odyssey’ is accessible on train services between London and Paris, Lille, Brussels, Lyon and the South of France.