Now Then Magazine Issue 46 Feature

by Caz in Features, News

Thank you to the lovely people at Now Then magazine for another feature in issue 46
Now Then magazine is a free Sheffield based monthly by Opus, covering independent art, music, trade and thought in the North.

”We aim to cultivate choice, voice and responsibility by providing a platform for independent art, trade, music, writing and local news. We support Sheffield’s economy by only working with independent traders, community groups, charities and local government. Almost all articles published in this magazine are written by members of the community, not professionals.” – NT

I was lucky enough to be asked to feature in issue no. 30.

Issue 46 includes articles on Sheffield’s Roads, Legal Aid and F Scott Fitzgerald, as well as the usual reviews, recipes and interviews with Paul White and Sheffield Jazz.

Other artists featured in Now Then magazine Issue 46 include Michael Latimer, Craww and Jon Birdseed.