May 22, 2018

Skyscraper at Liquid City – Bruges Triennale

by Caz in News

‘Skyscraper’ is a 38 foot tall whale made from plastic waste, exhibited at Bruges Triennale 2018 as a part of Liquid City. The statue, designed by STUDIOKCA, a Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm, is made of over five tons of waste from the ‘plastic soup’ that is floating on the surface of the pacific ocean.

This colossal whale rises out of the canal, near the statue of Jan Van Eyck in Bruges City Centre to raise awareness of the estimated 150 million tons of plastic waste which remain in the oceans and emphasises the necessity for individual and collective action.

‘Skyscraper’ is a physical example of why we need to change how we use and dispose of plastic in the world today.”-Lesley Chang, Principal, STUDIOKCA

Liquid City is a city wide exhibition taking place across Bruges, Beligum from 5th May – 16th September 2018.