November 18, 2018

The Great Sheffield Art Show 2018

by Caz in News

I had a great evening at the preview of the 30th Great Sheffield Art Show this weekend (16-18th Nov) at Museums Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries.

The exhibition is the largest open art event in the North of England with over 300 artists exhibiting and selling work. There were over 900 original works of art to browse, featuring a wide range of subjects created in different media.

I was blown away by the talent on display, especially in the young artists section. A piece that really stood out for me was ‘My Best Friend’, a portrait of a dog by Ebonie Kent. The expression in the dogs eyes was captured beautifully and really gave an insight into the relationship between the artist and the dog. While the dog looks vulnerable, there is also a deep sense of trust and loyalty in it’s eyes. From the skilled execution in the pencil work, you can see that this artist has drawn this dog many times before.